Math 241: Homework #3

Instructions: Complete all of the questions below. You may use a calculator or tables in the appendices. Please denote the method of how you found your answers, including the calculator commands/functions/equations, so I can diagnose whether you’re having conceptual issues or technology input issues. This is due April 21, 2011.

  1. 5.42 (p. 253)
  2. 5.67 (p. 267)
  3. 5.70 (p. 267)
  4. 5.71 (p. 267)
  5. 6.1 (p. 293)
  6. 6.3 (p. 293)
  7. 6.18 (p. 314)

2 thoughts on “Math 241: Homework #3

    1. It’s a broad question, but I’ll do my best:

      (a) and (d) are tricky, but the Poisson distribution has a specific mean (equal to lambda) and standard deviation (also lambda). Use the mean and standard deviation to find specific numbers (e.g., in a, the mean is 4.5) which you can use to find the specific answers. Remember, to find P(X something) you need to find: 1 – P(X < something).

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