How Latex Works

Slide Show: PDF PostScript Source File (.tex)
Lecture Notes PDF PostScript DVI Source File (.tex)
Supplemental Docs

  • Getting Started with LATEX: A Typical LATEX Input File HTML
  • Digital Typography (ebrary access required) § 1.3: pp. 4-5 only (33-34)

Topics covered in this slide:

  • The process of making LaTeX files.
  • Files you may encounter.
  • LaTeX Editors.

This slide show previews taking a source document (.tex) and making it into a readable output (such as PDF, PostScript, or DVI). While making an output, the author may encounter some odd file types; this tutorial will also briefly explicate what those file types do. Lastly, we will take a look at traditional LaTeX editors. LaTeX documents can be composed in any ASCII text editor, but some editors are better suited than others. This slide show will help supplement the next lecture on installing LaTeX.

This slide show should take 5 to 10 minutes.

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