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Topics covered in this slide:

  • Introducing the bibliography file.
  • Creating the .bib file.
  • bibliographystyle and bibliography commands.
  • The natbib (APA) bibliography style.

Creating bibliographies is another strong point for LATEX. The purpose of this lecture is the introduce bibliographies to authors. Although there are several methods for creating bibliographies, this lecture will use the BibTEX program–those interested in the bibliography environment should refer to the Not So Short Introduction to LATEX above. The first objective is to introduce the .bib file where our bibliography information is stored. Second, we will review the bibliographystyle and bibliography commands as well as cite. Lastly, we will also introduce the natbib bibliography style. It is based on the APA bibliography style and is more appropriate for classroom use. Nevertheless, there are numerous bibliography styles. Refer to Reed University’s list of bibliography formats for a complete list of different packages. They’ve also broken down disciplines and their appropriate bibliography style used in academic journals.

This slide show should take 10 to 20 minutes.

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