In Depth: What We Said

Each year the Iowa Department of Education publishes The Annual Condition of Iowa’s Community Colleges. In 2008 I was a part of a major redesign which included adding meaningful narrative and emphasis on graphical representation of data. As we prepare the 2009 edition we are evaluating last years report. We had a few goals for […]

Why have two dimensions when one is half the price

Data visualization is great because it can merges statistics–a largely positive science–with explanation. Thus, unacquainted individuals fully into a conversation without relying on complex structures. However, I think many writers on data visualization underestimate how easy it is to forget the positive statements from statistics and turns into rhetorical statistics without a good theoretical basis.

Econ 102 Lecture Notes from 10/20/2009

The lecture notes are here. Content: introduction to Economics 102; what is economics; political economy; and the first part on opportunity cost & production possibilities frontier. You can listen to the lecture, click on the notes to jump to specific sections, or download the PDF of the notes (without audio).

Preview: Visualizing Transitions into the Workforce

Today the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa Workforce Development released “Visualizing Transitions into the Workforce” poster. In short, DE and IWD partnered to follow students from Iowa community colleges into the workforce. The poster shows how specific majors lead to employment in various sectors in Iowa’s economy. The findings are discussed in the full […]