Title, Author, and Margins

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Topics covered in this slide:

  • Title, Author, and Institution commands.
  • Adjusting margins manually.
  • Using fullpage package.
  • Making headers with the fancyhdr package.

Besides the document class and package, the preamble also contains other commands that apply to the formatting of the document. For instance \title{…}, \author{…}, and \institution{…} allows the author to fill in these fields and create a title header with \maketitle command.

Furthermore, the margins of the paper are also set in the preamble. It is somewhat complicated, however, most students need a document with one-inch margins. The fullpage will automatically format the paper to meet those specifications. Lastly, headers are also made in the preamble. The fancyhdr package allows the author to create sophisticated headers. If the document is two-sided, the author may assign different headers to even and odd pages (like those in a book). By default, the headers will consist of the section’s name and number.

This slide show should take 15 to 25 minutes.

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