General Environments

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Topics covered in this slide:

  • Previewing environments.
  • Review environments we’ve covered in past slides.
  • The Quotation and Verse environment.
  • The Abstract environment.

Environments are an important piece of LaTeX. Many complex commands, including tables (next lecture) are created using environments. What environments do is create a container in a document that is dedicated to tables, math equations, lists, or images. This slide show will look at the importance of environments and environments we’ve unwittingly covered. We will introduce three new environments: quotaton, verse, and abstract environments.

The quotation environment allows us to input lines of text (namely quotes) that is neatly formatted so it stands out against the rest of the text. The verse environment is similar to the quotation environment, except that it is suited to poetic verses. Lastly, the abstract environment allows us to place an abstract at the beginning of our document. The text is formatted like the abstracts seen in academic journals.

This slide show should take 10 to 20 minutes.

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