Math Environments

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  • § 3.1-3.5 (basic tools): 47-56;
  • § 3.8-3.9 (useful for Math Reasoning and Real Analysis): 57-59;
  • § 3.10 (general list of symbols): 60-63

Topics covered in this slide:

  • Displaying basic math symbols.
  • displaymath and equation environments.
  • Numbering equations.
  • How to reference a numbered equation.
  • Making math equations in the body of the text.
  • Matrices.

One reason why environments are important is because we can generate sophisticated equations using of the math environments. We can either display an equation in a neatly formatted box that makes it stand out against the rest of the text or have it appear within a line of text. We can also number our equations (this is often required for academic journals) and reference those numbers. LaTeX makes it so we can reference numbered equations, but not have to renumber those equations as they are added or removed. Towards the end of the slide show, we will also explicate how to make matrices.

Although we will show a number of math symbols, it is important that the students read the supplemental documents in this lecture. There are a number of extensive lists of math symbols and operators.

This slide show should take 20 to 30 minutes (note the extended time).

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