Math 241: Homework #3

Instructions: Complete all of the questions below. You may use a calculator or tables in the appendices. Please denote the method of how you found your answers, including the calculator commands/functions/equations, so I can diagnose whether you’re having conceptual issues or technology input issues. This is due April 21, 2011. 5.42 (p. 253) 5.67 (p. […]

Statistics – Homework #1 Posted

Click here for homework (then click Download). Due Tuesday, January 13th before 5:45p via email. If you have questions, either email or post a comment below.

Econ 102 – Homework #2

Due Thursday, November 18 by 11p. Update: Made corrections to 1a and 1c. You may use the new spreadsheet or apply the corrections to your current workbook.