An Overview of Data Visualization

This course is designed to give curious students an introduction to data visualization. The tutorial will cover a large segment of data visualization, the emphasis will be on data visualization principles in Excel. Additionally, this tutorial will touch on advanced subjects such as Adobe Illustrator, Processing, Circos, and other data visualization-specific software.

Course Outline

Introduction to Data Visualization

  1. Taxonomy of Data Visualization
  2. The Basics of a Basic Graph
  3. Not Everything is Under Insert: Non-traditional Basic Graphs
  4. Minimalist Basic Graphs

Telling a Story with Data Visualization

  1. A Tour of Basic Infographs
  2. Basic Infograph Toolkit: An Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  3. Knowledge Without Structure: Pitfalls of a Basic Infographic

Data Visualization Showstopper

  1. Jackson Pollock’s Scene
  2. The Paper of Record
  3. My First Complex Infograph: Circos

About the Tutorial

This tutorial was originally created by Tom Schenk Jr. for a professional development opportunity at the Mid-America Institutional Research Annual Conference in November 2010.

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