Battling Bad Science

A few important statistical concepts are mentioned here, including observational versus randomized trails (randomization apparently is mentioned in Daniel 1:12); causality; publication bias; and a “funnel” plot.

Math 241 Final

Download this Excel document. We will spend some time trying to understand what influences graduation rates. Graph a histogram for $/Student and SAT score. Copy & paste each graph into a word document. Describe whether or not each variable appears to be normally distributed. Estimate the mean, median, and mode based on the graph for […]

Math 241: Homework #3

Instructions: Complete all of the questions below. You may use a calculator or tables in the appendices. Please denote the method of how you found your answers, including the calculator commands/functions/equations, so I can diagnose whether you’re having conceptual issues or technology input issues. This is due April 21, 2011. 5.42 (p. 253) 5.67 (p. […]

Type II Errors

Significance testing at 0.05 means you will get an erroneous false-positive 1 times out of 20. xkcd exhibits:

Statistics Class Update

Class- Those who attended Tuesday, 1/25, may have recalled that I ended class because I was not feeling well. That illness ultimately required hospitalization that led to the cancellation of Thursday’s, 1/27, class. Over the weekend I’ve undergone an operation which will require me to cancel this Tuesday’s, 2/1, class. I am continuing to recover […]