Majoring in “Universe”

…in today’s xkcd–amusing as always. Since I originate from both backgrounds (computers, economics & comparative politics) I should know a little more. Problem is, the Europeans don’t name failed summits. Maastricht Treaty gets a name because it was very successful. Nevertheless, my best try: Every other EU summit on establishing a European Union constitution in […]

Visualizing Tuition & Fees

The Chronicle of Higher Education has put together an interactive chart showing tuition and fees at Iowa community colleges. Play through the timeline and you can see tuition and fees becoming a larger share of revenue for the 15 colleges, while state funding declined. There are a couple of notes along the way to highlight […]

Updated Chapter

My chapter for the Handbook for Institutional Research, “Workforce and Technical Skill Education and Its Assessment” has been substantially updated. The new draft is available here. The book is expected to be published this summer.