Math 241 Final

  1. Download this Excel document. We will spend some time trying to understand what influences graduation rates.
  2. Graph a histogram for $/Student and SAT score.
    1. Copy & paste each graph into a word document.
    2. Describe whether or not each variable appears to be normally distributed.
    3. Estimate the mean, median, and mode based on the graph for both variables.
  3. Calculate the mean, median, and mode for %Grad.
  4. Create a scatterplot between %Grad and SAT score with %Grad on the x-axis. Do you believe there is a relationship? Explain why or why not and the direction of the relationship (e.g., positive, negative, or no relationship)
  5. The average SAT score in the United States is 1030. Conduct a hypothesis test which compares the distribution of this dataset to the national average at the 5% level. Is there a statistically significant difference?
  6. Conduct a hypothesis test comparing the average SAT for a Lib Arts institution and a Univ. Are there statistically significant differences at the 5% level?
  7. Conduct a multiple regression (copy and paste all three regression tables into the Word document):
    1. The equation for the regression is Grad% = %PhD + Top 10% + $/Student + Acceptance + SAT + School_Type. You may need to recode the School_Type into a binary variable.
    2. What variables explain differences, with statistical significance at 5%, in the graduation level at colleges. Explain, in plain language, the relationship between each significant variable and the graduation rate.
    3. Grinnell College, located in Iowa, has a 1244 SAT, 67% acceptance rate, 22,301 $/student, 65% were in the top 10%, and 79% of faculty had PhD’s. Calculate the predicted value of their graduation rate. What’s the difference between the predicted graduation rate and the actual graduation rate (e.g., calculate the number)?
    4. How much of the variation in %Grad is explained by this model?
  8. Email me the answer sheet (Word) and the results (either Excel and/or SPSS).

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