New York Times’ Take on Business Cycles

The New York Times built an interactive graphic on business cycles since the the early 1970s. Instead of displaying a business cycle as something that looks like a sine wave, NYT uses a Cartesian plane with each quandrant representing either expansion, slowdown, downturn, and recovery. They use industrial production as a proxy for the business […]

Using to upload from Picasa to Flickr – Repost

Below is a re-post from the original genericface blog. By far the most popular post, it has been replaced by easier tools, such as picasa2flickr. Original date: March 14th, 2006 Picasa is by far my favorite photo management software. Flickr is the arguably the best online photo sharing site (Zooomr is a rising competitor). However, […]

Bayes is the New Black Presentation

From 2007 International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Science of Biology in Exeter, England. <script async data-id=”4e80f3b81c938e0060000353″ data-ratio=”1.3333333333333333″ src=”//”></script>