I only wish it was an attempt at irony

Mason City Globe-Gazette is discussing the future of the Iowa Core Curriculum, a statewide standard-based curriculum, and quotes the new director of the Iowa Department of Education:

“I honor and appreciate the effort and work that has been put into it up to this point. There are a lot of people who have poured [sic] their heart and soul into trying to develop a really quality set of curriculum standards for Iowa … but it has room to evolve and grow,” [Jason Glass] said

More than any other context, it is tough to stomach an even slight type-o (I make these all the time, unfortunately). It is even tougher to stomach a grammatical error–this was intentional, not a slip of the finger. Homophones usually are sorted in classroom learning or through a steady reading habit. So, whatever the state does, let us make sure there is still lots of reading, so we don’t rely solely on “writing” the way we speak or using daily idiosyncratic writing. K? Thx.

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