Data-Driven Governments Across the Globe

Last week I kicked-off a new role at KPMG’s Chicago offices as the Director of Analytics for Strategic Insights. It’s not only a new role for me, but a new position within KPMG. Just like Chicago, cities, states, and governments across the globe have been looking at using data for greater efficiency, improving quality of life, and finding how the new technology and data opens more opportunities.

For over 5 years, I’ve been deeply involved in issues for Chicago. For the last few years, other cities and governments would ask how we did it in Chicago. Each city and government have slight derivations that make their challenges unique, which intrigues me. How can we take past approaches, divorce them from local context, and apply them elsewhere? I will be helping KPMG on these problems, combining what is relevant to governments with new technology and data to solve them.

This is a new program, starting from a team of one, we will be slowly building-out capabilities and staff. I’m eager to build a new team focused on these questions.

Chicago remains my home, but I am eager to start tackling problems experienced by other governments. It’s time to see if these ideas can scale, globally.

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