Visualizing Data

I was invited to give a brief talk to the urology department at Northwestern University on data visualization. Recently, you see, many of the residents presented posters at large conferences. When it was time to create posters and graphs, many of them begun to ask: “does this look OK? What can I do to make […]

Fall Enrollment 2009 Presentation

The Iowa Department of Education released the Community College Enrollment Report for Fall 2009. Enrollment exceeded 100,000 students for the first time in the fall semester due to a dramatic year-to-year increase. Below is the presentation given to the state board and the full report can be found here. I’ll write later on the fall […]

Visualizing Transitions into the Workforce Presentation

This presentation was given at the MidAIR 2009 conference in Kansas City. An earlier post highlighted a poster associated with this project. This presentation highlights the methodology and reasoning behind the methodology. I’ve posted scripts and other materials to the project’s webpage.

Bayes is the New Black Presentation

From 2007 International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Science of Biology in Exeter, England. <script async data-id=”4e80f3b81c938e0060000353″ data-ratio=”1.3333333333333333″ src=”//”></script>