Taxonomy of Data Visualization

This post is a part of a collection for an upcoming course on Data Visualization at the 2010 Mid-America Association for Institutional Research annual meeting. These posts will be collected and placed on the course website. They may also be modified as the course develops to increase clarity. An Economist article quotes Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist, […]

Recorded Lecture Notes

Finally! Everything should be cooperative now, let me know of any issues. This only covers about half of the normal lecture. On Tuesday we’ll be having an in-class activity.  

Econ 102 Lecture Notes

10/22/2009 – Opportunity Cost, Trade, and Demand Curves 10/27/2009 – Reviewing Demand Curves, Supply Curves, Market Equilibrium, and Price Ceilings/Floors (Audio Only) 10/29/2009 – Review Market Equilibrium, Elasticities, and Consumer & Producer Surplus 10/31/2009 – Review Surplus & Elasticities and Taxation Policy

Econ 102 Lecture Notes from 10/20/2009

The lecture notes are here. Content: introduction to Economics 102; what is economics; political economy; and the first part on opportunity cost & production possibilities frontier. You can listen to the lecture, click on the notes to jump to specific sections, or download the PDF of the notes (without audio).