Visualizing Tuition & Fees

The Chronicle of Higher Education has put together an interactive chart showing tuition and fees at Iowa community colleges. Play through the timeline and you can see tuition and fees becoming a larger share of revenue for the 15 colleges, while state funding declined. There are a couple of notes along the way to highlight […]

Updated Chapter

My chapter for the Handbook for Institutional Research, “Workforce and Technical Skill Education and Its Assessment” has been substantially updated. The new draft is available here. The book is expected to be published this summer.

I only wish it was an attempt at irony

Mason City Globe-Gazette is discussing the future of the Iowa Core Curriculum, a statewide standard-based curriculum, and quotes the new director of the Iowa Department of Education: “I honor and appreciate the effort and work that has been put into it up to this point. There are a lot of people who have poured [sic] […]

Press: Fall enrollment up, decline potentially on horizon

From Mason City Globe-Gazette: A record total of 106,597 full- and part-time students enrolled in community-college courses this school year, a 4.8 percent increase that marked the 14th consecutive yearly rise in the overall student population. Tom Schenk Jr., educational program consultant with the state Department of Education, said this year’s jump followed a 14 […]

Juice: Higher Education

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 40 percent of students on college campuses are over the age of 25. “In general, there has been an increase in those over the age of 25 going back to school this past year,” said Tom Schenk, educational consultant for the Iowa Department of Education. Schenk […]

Oh the Humanities

The New York Times has an article on the hardships of a humanities Ph.D. Among the highlights: it takes an average of 9 years to finish a humanities Ph.D. (if you do); high amount of debt (over $25,000); and the old age of graduates (35 years-old) which means less time available to recover all of […]